A recent journey to Assam

It has been a terrific year altogether, and I had the pleasure of traveling to some of the amazing places in India including Assam. I spent a whole lot of a month there in Assam, and I must say the lifestyle there is way more nature friendly than that of I’ve seen in cities. People live happily with a lot less facilities or services at their access.

Most of the regions there are surrounded by mountains and lush greenery of tea plantations. I spent a good amount of my time exploring tea gardens there and other small towns. Though I was not off to a good start because of all the Internet speed issues and the food there which I’m not a fan of, but all in all it went well at the end. I had a good time living with less of the services I’m used to but a lot more to enjoy and experience.

Concluding points

I would quote here, traveling is fun when you do not plan it entirely and just go with the flow. We as humans are fond of things that come to us unexpected, and as much as you consider it a bad experience your mind will love it entirely on a great level.

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