Finally cleaned up my site and made a new theme for it

Hoof! took some time out for my own site to redesign & develop it, though this still lacks content but I’m hoping I can pull out some extra time this weekend for that. 

On a personal note, it was a big jump since I was using a html5 template
converted for WordPress from @ajkln at though I must say all of his templates are just amazing and gorgeous but the thing that bugged me the most was being a creative professional I couldn’t just keep going on having my own site made up on someone else’s product and that took me to create my own handcoded & designed theme.

Though I feel like all the time I have put into this theme could really be used out there in the public and could help others who want to create a minimal & clean WordPress portfolio site.
Anyways I’ll soon be sharing it on a site which I’ve been specially preparing for it. (There are many more surprises with this one, with blocks for Gutenberg. )

Later you 🙂

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