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Hello World!

October 14, 2022

After procrastinating for ages, here I’m back on my desk with some new ideas and things to explore. First of all, was my website, and having it run on a fast yet easily manageable instance was important. Now, this site right here runs on Gatsby and is hosted by Vercel, and this is by far the best solution I’ve had for running a simple site with a blog nothing fancy here.

Let’s go through this in detail, as to what all did it change for me

I have been using WordPress in the past for all my sites since I’m a seasoned WP Dev and naturally, that is what comes to mind for creating any site, but keeping all that aside it’s a fact that maintaining a server for just a personal site with all the chips and quirks it brings, is a lot along with all the running costs.

I hate to admit but WordPress is not the best option anymore for a personal website given these awesome Javascript breakthroughs available now such as Next.js, Gatsby to name a few. Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress but it has now evolved to be the most featureful CMS around, it is a really good option for complex sites, businesses and eCommerce.


For me personally, this solution of Gatsby with a markdown blog works perfect. And it has almost low to zero running costs excluding the domain renewals etc. For anyone looking to start a blog or have a simple website where speed is the priority, please please please do look into any of these Javascript frameworks. I did try Next.js first, but I like the simplicity of static sites, though Next.js is just as good if not better.

I’ll be posting more blogs from now on, hopefully in a timely manner. You can expect detailed views on Javascript, PHP frameworks such as React, Next.js, Laravel and WordPress.

See you soon :)